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What are EWaste?

Ewaste recycling is crucial in preventing toxic materials in electronic equipment being drained and channeled into the environment. Ewaste is a term which is loosely referred to consumer and business electronic equipment. Although electronic products such as computers, printers or scanners are an integral part of everyday life, they can become obsolete fast and hence the problem of disposing them. The United Nation estimates that about 20-50 million tonnes of e-wastes are generated globally every year.

Why Recycle EWaste?

Many components of electronic products contain hazardous materials such as mercury, cadmium, zinc aluminium, nickel or copper. When these electronics end up in the landfills, the chemicals are released into the soil during rains or are released into the atmosphere when burned.

Almost 99% of the components of a computer can be recycled. Recycling can avoid serious toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from going to landfills and polluting the environment. Chemicals, like cadmium which is used in batteries, can cause cancer in human or the chromium used to prevent corrosion can cause liver and kidney damages as well as skin reactions.

In order to prevent hazardous chemicals from leaking into soil, computer and electronic equipment and parts must not be thrown together with other domestic thrash.

How does it work?

Most electronic waste go through a recycling system called WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. WEEE recycles up to 95-98% by weight, of all Ewaste passed through it but also ensures that any data left on hard drives and memories are thoroughly destroyed too.

Some of the procedures or processes involved are:-

Firstly, the monitor is removed so that the tube can be removed from within known as separating the monitor body and CRT. The shell is then recycled along with regular e-waste.

Picking and sorting by hand; batteries and copper are extracted for quality control.

Items are then shredded into small pieces such as 100mm to prepare the Ewaste to be thoroughly sorted. Data destruction is normally performed at this stage.

Small debris are shaken to ensure that it is evenly spread out on the conveyor belt before they are broken down even more

Using industrial magnets, steel and iron are removed from the debris.

Metallic items such as aluminium, copper and brass are separated from other non-metallic contents like glass. Metallic items can be reused or resold as raw materials

Water is also used to separate plastic from glass contents to clear of oxides, phosphors and dust extracts, leaving just clean glass to be sorted out.


Cathode ray tubes (CRT) which are commonly found in computer monitors are complicated than recycling most electronic waste. It is due to the toxins found with the CRTs are among the most dangerous as CRTs have lead in the glass which can seriously harm the environment.

How We Can Help You

Thanam Industry Sdn Bhd offers secure and certified computer disposal service with collections from anywhere in Malaysia. Items that we collect are like monitors, CPU, hard disks, printer, laptops or notebooks, servers, network routers and firewalls, motherboards and, other related computer parts and accessories.

We are concerned about the secure disposal of ICT assets which is managed through a guaranteed secured systems. All equipment are isolated and recycled in accordance with relevant certificates. Our collection, recycling and disposal services include:-

Secure transfer with our own vehicle

Data destruction to ensure all data content removed permanently

Testing and sorting exercises by our technicians to separate parts which are obsolete and re-useable

Equipment valuation at no cost

Annual contracts can be negotiated for high volume of collectibles and high usage of disposable service

Certification is provided for recycling works

Thanam Industry Sdn Bhd addresses the challenges and hassle of disposing all e-waste by offering environmentally friendly solutions in the disposal, recycling, processing and treatment of electronic equipment and parts. Talk to us today to safely and securely remove all your unwanted e-waste at your convenience.

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