How the law affects you if you didn’t change ownership transfer for your scrap car?


Firstly if you ever have an accident, buying insurance without knowledge/information will not cover you, will end up as scrap cars. Secondly, if you ever go through a roadblock, your car will be heading off to the police custody due to ownership transfer issues, car will not be able to get insurance and road tax renewed by Jpj . If you don’t settle the ownership matter, your car will end up as scrap cars. There are more implications, but these two be shouldn’t enough to prevent you from participating in this.

Whenever any owner of the car died, migrated to other countries, not able to be located, his/her scrap car remains stationery scrap cars  without any usage by others. This is because of the ownership issue.  Even his/her family members or any rightful person for that scrap car can’t use it.  So it is very essential process to change ownership of that car in a legal manner to make use of it,  otherwise it will be scrap cars.

Approach Trustworthy Company

Amanah Raya Berhad is a Malaysia’s premier trustee company wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia. It was established in 1921 as the Department of Public Trustee and Official Administrator, the company was corporatized in 1995. They continue to deliver Legacy Management solutions, including ownership transfer of car to the country. They have consistently maintaining their position as the market leader due to their ability to provide a range of specialised Will, Trust and Estate services including ownership transfer of cars to all Malaysians through their fully integrated network of 21 branches nationwide.


In Amanah Raya Berhad, the executer of such scrap cars submits various documents like the owner’s death certificate, his/her ownership in that scrap cars etc,. they offers the most holistic approach to Legacy Management with solutions for everyone, no matter their situation or how complex that situation may be. They validate every documents submitted by the executer, verify and give approval for changing ownership of that scrap cars. Now, the executer can use this approval anywhere as a trustworthy proof for his/her ownership to make use of that car either roadworthy or a scrap cars.

Scrap cars Dealing Now-a-Days

Whenever the executer acquires ownership, now everything in his/her hand.  He/she can make their own decisions on the fate of scrap cars. If he wish to sell it as a scrap car, then he can approach any scrap car dealers of Malaysia and can undergo scrapping process along with that scrap car’s Legacy Management’s approval. By this activity, everyone able to strive to their maximum, to serve and satisfy the needs of society and endeavour to helps to avoid scrap cars at  dumping yards and make this environment remains greenery.

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Hi , I have a friend (passed away more 1 year)have an old car more than 18year . Unable to locate his car registration cert. The car need to scrap.
Any suggestion.

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