Importance of Medical Device Destruction and its process in Malaysia


In Medical industry, as the technology develops a day by day, the medical equipments and electronic medical devices becomes more powerful which provides strong foundation for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and rehabilitation etc. Hospitals routinely performs medical devices destruction ranging from single-use medical devices for destruction to obsolete medical equipment destruction (i.e) small devices for medical device destruction, medical instruments for minimally invasive surgery for medical device destruction, simple and complex disposable surgical instruments for medical device destruction, implants/explants etc for medical device destruction. They also undergo Malaysia’s medical device destruction records destruction services as per medical device disposal regulations and policy in Malaysia.

There is a huge importance for medical device destruction in a proper manner by either hospital or its third-party contractor to ensure sustainability, to reduce the risks involved medical data breach and to promote either secure medical shredding services or medical device destruction.


Health technology development is the indispensable component of effective health care which leads to various innovative medical devices. Some of small medical instruments, medical equipments and surgical accessories whose repair is no longer cost-effective are to undergo medical device destruction on an ongoing basis and they were not just driven by cost and profit considerations.

As the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) continues to develop and expand, remote patient monitoring devices have become a threat to data security. So there is immense importance in medical information’s destruction and clinical waste management and the medical records shredding activities or medical device destruction. By the way of our secure medical device destruction process, risks involved while un-monitored medical device disposal are hugely reduced.


In Malaysia, Government has enacted various standards and policies on the medical devices destruction services. They have established many elements of control from design through disposal stages that shall be put in place to ensure continued safety and security. Malaysian Medical device act on 2012 depicts that an establishment shall undertake corrective or preventive action in relation to a medical device destruction/ shredding/ disposal services. The Authority provides orders/ guidelines specifying the measures to be taken for the event of medical device disposal and medical device destruction services that form an integral part of the overall national health system.



Our team will visit your spot to collect all your medical device destruction goods and once the asset lists of all such medical goods declared individually, we will perform our medical device destruction service either onsite/ off-site to ensure our secure medical device destruction service in Malaysia .

By inviting your person-in-charge to our yard to monitor medical device destruction, we prove our goodselves by performing our medical device destruction service in a secured manner and thus we ensure your private and confidential data in such a way that it will not be breached.

As per our Malaysian government medical equipments shredding services regulations, we provide proper disposal/recycle/ destruction of such medical equipments and patients medical records, private files, confidential documents after their retention period. Also we promote eco-friendly environment by recycling the surgical instruments after medical device destruction and some of the medical equipment parts after medical device destruction in a separate way to recover some eco-friendly recyclable materials if exists. By all these ways, we purely comply with Malaysia Safety and security standards.


WeThanam Industry Sample Certificate of Destruction Template include our efforts not only for such medical device destruction and the medical records destruction but also to implement sustainable recycling in Malaysia. We work together to develop cost-effective disposal strategies to destruct your paper-based private and confidential destruction service and hardware/hard disk based medical records, electrical and electronic medical equipments in a compliant, safe and an eco-friendly way. All the process involved in our medical device destruction services will be provided with a proof of photos, videos.  We will then issue you a certificate of medical device destruction to prove it.

Through our extensive experience and the medical device destruction and shredding services as per Malaysian standard, we provide our best in the medical device destruction, disposal process and waste recovery measures from medical device destruction. Together we implement the solution that allow our clients to reduce their business cost of managing and disposing medical device destruction wastes.

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