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Our Services

Our services comprise of the entire scope of common recycling services

We turn your waste into Money

Thanam Industry handles, sorts, processes and provides transportation and recycling services for a wide range of markets. Our services comprise of the entire scope of common recycling services incorporating areas of material recycling, storage and transformation into renewable resources or safe disposal.

We understand that wastes, particularly scrap metals and e-wastes can be capitalized on its potential and maximize it as sound investment for both our customers and ourselves.

What we recycle

Our Services

Transportation Options

We address your transportation and loading problems by providing a wide range of trucking and equipment options like lorries, forklift and machinery such as hydraulic press, crushing and copper wire cutting machines and cable strippers. We have our own fleet of trucks and lorries to take care of the delivery and collection of scrap metals and electronic wastes.

Removal Services For Commercial Interiors

At Thanam Industry we possess the experience, equipment and personnel to offer contracting services for the removal of scraps and e-wastes from commercial buildings. They may include construction materials, office furniture, warehouse racking and shelving units and computer and telecommunication equipment.

This process also involves the recovery of useable materials that are recyclable like steel frames or cables. Complete demolition involve small structures to larger sites and commercial buildings. We can transport them back to our warehouse for you for sorting and weighing before determining the exact payment to you.

General & Other Service Options

At Thanam, we also make general collections from local and overseas scrap vendors, dealers or traders, manufacturers, plumbers, electricians and other related suppliers. We buy, sell and export scrap metals too. In addition to that, customers who have small amounts of scrap metals or electronic wastes that need to be recycled but have no means to deliver it can contact us to solve it.

Our experience and capabilities makes it possible for us to customize recycling programmes to accommodate your needs and requirements.

What do you get?

We purchase and process a wide range of scrap metals for recycling purposes. We collect them and take them directly to our plant/warehouse directly – the absence of middle men enables us to offer our customers direct efficiency with better services and prices.