E-Waste Destruction Service

To protect our environment and its resources

Introduction on Ewaste Destruction

There are different global trends arises due to the rapidly advancing technology so that the level of every class of people in the society growing accordingly, with respect to the usage of electronic devices and equipments. Only 20 percent of ewaste destruction and e-waste recycling through the appropriate organizations are processed, and not known about how ewaste destruction and ewaste recycling happened for rest of e-wastes.

Now a days, replacement of electronic equipment gets increased so that the ewaste destruction, Ewaste recycling, EWaste reusing activities are not promoted larger. To protect our environment and its resources, we need to implement 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in the ewaste destruction with huge concern. Everyone should be clear with what can be recycled in the e-waste destruction, what should be discarded in the ewaste destruction, where can we do ewaste destruction etc. Throwing the Ewastes away senselessly may not be a good practice, since there are multiple organizations available for performing ewaste destruction for you to send them off, where they can still be useful by performing ewaste destruction and e-waste recycling.

Items included in Ewaste destruction

Every electrical and electronic equipments we used in our daily life when becomes old or reaches its end-of-life with respect to its usage are described as electronic waste or e-waste or e-scrap, scrap waste. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) describes e-waste as discarded electronic devices. Ewastes involved in the e-waste destruction can be categorized into Medical e-waste devices, Consumer e-waste equipments, Lighting e-wastes, Electrical and electronic e-waste tools, automatic dispensers and some of wide category are:

IT e-waste destruction equipments

Such as laptops, desktops, speakers, photostat machines, printers, scanners, cameras, mobile phones, plugin cables, adapter cables, network cables, remote controls, CD players, DVD players, keyboards, mouse, gaming joysticks, modem, routers, and the storage devices like hard disk, OTG, pendrives etc.

Household e-waste destruction items

Such as refrigerator, air conditioner, dishwashers washing machine, television, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, kitchenhood, electric pan, electric stove, induction stove, microwave oven, robotic vacuum, hair dryer, landline phones, ups batteries, circuit boards, typewriters, fax machine, fire extinguishers and the medical e-waste destruction equipments like thermometers, blood pressure monitoring devices, diabetes monitoring equipments etc.

Our Secured E-waste destruction services including 3R…

We perform formal e-waste destruction and ewaste recycling which involves process of electronic waste disassembling, separating, and categorising the contents of e-waste in the ewaste destruction according to the material before cleaning them. Next sorting is done using advanced separation technology so that the ewaste destruction items are mechanically shredded. We also ensure that those ewaste destruction assets do not end up harming the environment in any way by performing secured ewaste destruction. Hardcopy deguassing, product destruction, patented goods destruction, hard drive destruction and obsoleted IT ewaste destruction etc,. are all included in our secure ewaste destruction service.

As recycling is a important aspect of our e-waste destruction services, we are driven to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R’s) global electronic wastes in our e-waste destruction service. This gives us a unique insight into information security, secure ewaste destruction as well as the increasingly strict legal landscape that surrounds proper disposal of data. We are providing a safe and secure environment friendly secure e-waste destruction, hardware e-waste destruction and product e-waste destruction services with far-reaching solution for data security following all the Malaysia Security Standards.

Certificate summarizes our E-waste destruction service

We maintain a secure chain of activity throughout the entire ewaste destruction process thus providing secured ewaste destruction service. At the end of our Secure e-waste destruction process, clients will be provided full documentation about our ewaste destruction service, acknowledging that the e-waste destruction is done properly and/or their outdated IT and household e-waste equipments were recycled according to the industry’s best practice. This certificate of secure ewaste destruction is provided as a proof for this e-waste destruction activity to guarantee the security of your valuable data, during the ewaste destruction service at our place or on-site.

So it is our prime duty to undergo proper ewaste destruction process through the dedicated organization like us in Malaysia. As a citizen, everyone should understand the value of e-wastes through the e-waste destruction process as well as how much environmental damage is caused by improperly disposing household and other e-wastes in landfills. As per the Malaysian government norms and standards, we all needs to follow proper recycling practices by undergoing ewaste destruction activity.

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