Secure Data Destruction


          Everytime IT sectors and organizations deploy new technologies, they face with new challenge which is to dispose or SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION of their obsolete IT hardwares. Secure Data Destruction includes servers, computers, hard drives, routers, scanners, fax machines, printers, modems, hubs, various internet things (IOT) devices, storage, networking and other data center equipments etc.,.


  If  SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION is not properly undertaken, it may be exposed, stolen or abused and causes high risks. So they cannot dispose  as they like or pass them to the third party companies due to the associated data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance and environmental risks and policies with it. It also needs to be ensured that those retired and old IT assets do not end up harming the environment in any way.  So it is highly essential to perform secured data destruction. Hardcopy deguassing, product destruction, patented goods destruction, hard drive destruction and obsoleted IT destruction  etc,. are all included in secure data destruction .


SECURE DATA DESTRUCTION service that we provide…

       We are here to do our part to help you conserve your resources, Patent rights, Formulas, Softwares etc,.  thus ensuring secure Data destruction  and cut waste disposal costs while reducing hazardous waste and trash landfills ensuring secure data disposal. For organizations that require onsite/offsite destruction of their outdated hardwares and patented goods, our company team under asset disposal activity, will provide secured data destruction service for them. This team will regularly collect and gather the IT Hardwares for destruction from your premises at a scheduled time. Also We safeguard your Secured data  against breaches and thefts while ensuring compliance with Malaysia safety and security standards. A secure chain of custody is maintained providing secured data destruction service throughout the removal process.


        As recycling is a important aspect of our services, we are driven to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R’s) global IT waste. This gives us a unique insight into information security, secure Data destruction as well as the increasingly strict legal landscape that surrounds proper disposal of data. We are providing a safe and secure environment friendly secure data destruction , hardware destruction and product destruction services with far-reaching solution for data security following all the Malaysia Security Standards.

Documentation of Destruction Process

      At the end of the Secure data destruction process, clients will be provided full documentation, acknowledging that their Data was destroyed and/or their outdated IT assets were recycled according to the industry’s best practice. This certificate of secure data destruction is provided as a proof for this activity to guarantee the security of your valuable data, during the destruction service at our place or on-site.

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