The Importance of Recycling Old Newspapers

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One of the most common items recycled all across the globe is old newspapers. Hundreds of tons of waste paper is collected daily from homes, offices, etc. There was a time

when they were disposed by burning or dumping them in landfills. Nowadays, the best and most eco-friendly way to get rid of old papers is to recycle them so that they can used again for different purposes.

Why Recycling Old Newspapers is Important

Recycling is a process that is used to collect and process different materials that you would otherwise throw away as rubbish. It takes these waste materials and turns them into new ones, hence lessening the requirement for new materials. Recycling is a major boon to your community as well as the environment.

Let us take a look at how recycling old newspapers helps in creating a cleaner and safer environment.

  • When you recycle unwanted newspapers, magazines, books, etc. you contribute to the reduction of waste materials that are sent to incinerators and landfills. This in turn minimizes the emission of harmful gases such as methane into the environment. 37 per cent of the output of methane gas is from landfills so by recycling organic materials like paper, anaerobic decomposition and methane gas production is significantly reduced. You protect the environment against pollution and damage by recycling waste paper.
  • Recycling old newspapers is also a wonderful way to conserve the few natural resources left on the planet. As you know, the manufacture of paper requires timber which is one of the reasons why multitudes of trees are felled every year.  When paper is recycled, you help in the conservation of timber, minerals and water. When a ton of paper is recycled every year, 7000 gallons of water and 17 trees are saved.
  • Conservation of energy is one of the major environmental concerns in the world. As the natural resources are slowly diminishing, the need to conserve energy is growing. As you may already know, not using energy-consuming appliances when unnecessary and utilizing solar energy are some of the effective ways to conserve energy. Another great way to accomplish this is to recycle old newspapers. Every time a ton of paper is recycled, 4,200 kilowatt energy hours can be saved! So next time you plan to get rid of old book, magazines and newspapers, think “recycle” and the good that you will be doing for your environment!

As you have just read, there are many different benefits to recycling old magazines and newspapers. It may seem like a small start, but it is a fantastic and effective way to start your journey to going green with the rest of the world. The points above reveal just how many positive results can come from recycling old newspapers and other organic waste materials.

Now you can take your old newspapers and collect them instead of getting rid of them as soon as you are done reading them. You can then put them in your recycle bin so that they can be remade into new materials and help in keeping your planet green, safe and healthy!

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