Why should you recycle Household Ewaste?

People usually think that once their computer/IT and other household equipments goes out-of-date, or unusable, they have no use of it. However, that is not true. The ewaste market is rather large than we imagine. The Household Ewaste recycling is a popular thing but many residents still are not aware of how to de clutter household ewaste or proceed for household Ewaste. All you have to do is to take your ewaste to a recycling unit, where they will be able to recycle the usable parts from your household ewaste or from anyother of your ewaste equipments.

Why recycle Household Ewaste?

Household Ewaste Recycling is a growing market. This Ewaste recycling unit use a lot of precious resources when they are being manufactured. Many of these parts can be reused even after the household ewaste has become out-of-date. If you just throw away those household Ewaste without recycling it, you will be wasting resources. Every residents should have the responsibility to recycle the household Ewaste. They have a lot of parts that are hazardous to the environment because some or many of them are non-degradable. Some of the household ewaste are toxic and might end up damaging the soil in the landfill areas, too. All these resources are finite, and the more new resources we use, the sooner we run out of them. By recycling these household Ewaste materials, you will not just be giving your household ewaste a second life, you will also be promoting a greener environment.

What the Ewaste recycled parts are used for

Every residents either individually or combining with other neighbours or through their building management can collect household recycling Ewaste and visit to any nearby recycling companies. They can provide them either in a single or multiple units of those ewaste items. Depending on the current condition of your household ewaste, different parts can be salvaged. This ewaste scraps will be carefully removed and recycled by the recycling company.

The company will be able to determine in the Ewaste things that this recycled parts can be used for. If they are in good condition, they can be used as spare parts for other laptops and IT Equipments. If the quality is not that high, they might be used for other purposes. In fact, many parts used in IT Goods are recycled and reused as parts for other Electronics, including Mobile phones, calculators, other Cheap versions laptops, and even conductors. Some of these parts are also reused in fields of construction.

What Household Ewaste products can you recycle?

It is possible for you to recycle all types of electronics, actually. Any number of household Ewaste are acceptable for a safe recycling. Ewaste is known by the name because IT equipments are the biggest electronic components to be recycled, but the industry includes a lot of smaller IT components too. As long as your electronic item has become obsolete, you will be able to send it in to the recycling firm and get it recycled.

Household ewaste items consists of refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine,vacuum cleaner,sewing machine,kitchenhood,electric pan,electric stove,induction stove,microwave oven,robotic vacuum,hair dryer,landline phone,ups batteries,typewriters,fax machine,fire extinguishers and medical equipments like thermometers,blood pressure monitors,diabetes monitors etc. You can also recycle computer items such as laptops,desktops,speakers,photostat machines,printers,scanners,cameras,mobile phones,plugin cables,adapter cables,network cables,remote controls,CD players,DVD players,keyboards,mouse,gaming joysticks,modem,routers,storage devices like hard disk, pendrives etc. By recycling the household ewaste, you are promoting reusability in the environment.

What’s in it for you?

When you get your household Ewaste recycled, you will be able to get rid of your household Ewaste scrap, just as you wanted to. You will also be protecting the environment, and that’s always a noble thing to do. After all, you are doing your bit to save the environment and that is always a good thing. Besides, many Ewaste recycling firms provide people with money in exchange for the computer scrap they are selling. You will be able to make quite a neat profit too.

As a responsible citizen, it is time for you to start recycling your electronic products. Make sure you spread the word about Household Ewaste to your friends and relatives so that they will start doing it, too.

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We have a spoiled old Mac CPU, am not sure but it does looK like a CPU,
We would like to get dispose it, can you collect it from us and will we be
paid for it? Its quite heavy and its under a table at the moment.
Fr: Shirley Tan
03 40314355 / 019-3175047

I have a laptop & a tablet that are not working anymore.
Can i send it to your company for recyclying?
If so, kindly revert on how i can do so.

Hi there,

I’ve a very old pc and 2 monitors plus 2 printers to dispose off. One of the printer is still good for scanning or maybe if the printer head is changed, even good for use. I am in Cheras. Do you do pick ups? Do let me know

Thank you!

I have a tablet to recycle. How can I send it to your company?
It also might be a good idea to put the instructions in your website. Some people give up when they can not find them themselves and don’t bother to leave a comment here.
Thank you.

I have an assortment of old computers, computer parts. cables graphic cards etc how can I arrange to sell them to you?


we have few electronics items totaling:
4 boxes of 660(L) x 440(W) mm.
we are in need of disposing it without recycling it due to company policy.

can you suggest me the methods and cost incurred?


I have some e-waste to dispose. Not a lot maybe 1 Scanner, 1 monitor, 1 laptop etc.
How can I go about this and how much will you give?
Is it per item or measure by weight?

Do you have program for disposal of old computer. I have one and thinking of how the best way to dispose. Please advise.

From shah alam.


Did u guys offered a training to handle and manage this e-waste? Its a good business actually. Plan to implement it at my spouse country.


Hi, do you arrange for onsite collection?
I have 2 old laptops , typewrite & some computer cables, batteries..can u recycle it?

Have Brother printer not worth replacing the printer head but scanner/ fax usable. Plus
21″ Monitor. And couple of usable outdated
mobiles, keyboards. Kindly revert . Thank you.
Mdm Low

Hi there,

I’ve a very old pc and 2 monitors plus 2 printers to dispose off. One of the printer is still good for scanning or maybe if the printer head is changed, even good for use. I am in Cheras. Do you do pick ups? Do let me know

Thank You,

Hi, We have 1xA0 plotter, 1xA1 plotter, 2xA2 printer, 2xA4 inkjet printer, 1xA4 laser printer, 3xlaptop & a monitor to disposed. How should we proceed? Please reply.
Thank you..

Hi, i have about 10 pc, few motherboards, some atx box, and a toner printer to get rid off. Please advise.


Hi, I have desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse n etc to be dispose. Can you arrange people to collect from our office? How much you will pay back us, by kg?

Do you take old printers, TVs, exercise bicycle, ogawa exercise shaking trimmer machines, old magazines , chairs

Hi Thanam Industries, I have some used printer, cleaning robot, and mobile phones that I would like to be recycled responsibly. May I know if there is a collection point for me to drop them off? Or should I bring them over to your headquarters? Also are those entitled for cash reimbursements as well? Thanks

Hello I’m doing metal scrap business but then I got suply The computer parts such as CPU, Mother board , IC board ,CD-ROM , Power Supply and etc may I can know how is the prices?
For more info you can Email me tq.

Dear Sir,
Can I send my old damage analog TV to your factory at Jln Tiga Chan Sow Lin.
What is your opening hours for recieving.
Thank You

Hi, i have TWO APC BX1100 BACKUP BATTERY ,TWO LENOVO All in One PC and a 500gb seagate SATA HDD
Can you arrange people to collect from our office? How much you will pay?

hi, i have several, netbooks, keyboards, faulty graphic cards, mouse,headsets,harddisks wanted to recycle, can i know , is it measured by weight or something else ?

I have big heavy old (tv >50kg), big boxes of electronic equipments, some old crt monitors, tower pc,1 boxes of 3pin PC power cables, 1 box of ethernet cat5 utp, few boxes of other data cables. May i know if you can come collect. I stay in seri kembangan.

Dear Admin,

I’m searching (1-10 units) faulty Lenovo laptop T450 / X260 / X250 for education use. Do u have any of the following model laptop?

I have 600 tonne of crt glass, in port klang
And would like know if your accept and the price for it, i have also send and email regarding this.

2 CPU,
2 Laptop,
3 canon printer,
1 HP Laset printer ,
1 monitor,
1 astro decoder,
2 kg CDs,
2 irons
1 vacum
1 robot vacum
How much you pay?


I have a few SPOILT monitors, power supply, harddisks, computer parts, box of wires etc.

Do you have price lists for these items etc etc.

Do you do collection, if so what is the minimum amount.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I wish to ask if I have a broken LCD TV can I sell it and earn money (30-40inch)
And I living at Penang did your transport cover until Penang?

Hi I have old 1xprinter, 2xlaptop, laser printer cartridges and desktop PC to dispose, do you offer credit for such disposal and how much per type of item?

Dear Dannyleemh,
Thanks for your response. With refer to your enquiry our person in charge Mr.Athavan at 0108009879 will attend to you via WhatsApp or mobile calls. In the mean time do not hesitate to contact our person in charge Mr.Athavan via WhatsApp . Do share images of scraps to his number.

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