Creative ways to use your old newspapers

Paper is one of the most valuable resources for us because they are made out of trees. Tons of paper is discarded by people on an everyday basis. We order our dailies and then find no use for them literally after reading it. Some people make a conscious effort of collecting them and

give them to recycling companies. However, most of them do not make this effort. Paper recycling is crucial for the environment. A research indicates that recycled paper can save up to 700 trees every year. Old newspaper moreover can replace several common household items. 

Here are some creative and interesting ways to use old newspapers:

As a substitute for a cleaning cloth

Old newspapers are the best things to clean glass. They give a squeaky clean finish to the glass. If you want to clean your car’s windshields and mirrors then use newspapers with a bit of cleaning solution. You can do the same with the windows and mirrors in your house. It is a very handy thing when it comes to cleaning. In fact, they do a much better job than a cloth.

As gift wrapping paper

Old newspapers can be used as a gift wrap as well. These papers look interesting and environment friendly when used as a gift wrap. You can get more creative by putting in small motifs of various colors on the newspaper. The papers can also be used to make paper bags which you can carry along while shopping for vegetables for example. Newspaper bags are very handy to have at any time. Making a paper bag is not difficult either.

As a moving item

When you are moving residences, you will need to get a lot of paper to secure breakable items. Why would you want to spend money in buying chopped papers and bubble wraps? Use these papers to secure the breakable items. You can just instruct your movers to do it. They not only keep it secure but they also can be reused for some other purpose again.

Take up a do-it-yourself project

There are hundreds of things that you can use a newspaper for. If you like hobbies then start creating products made out of these papers. There are several resources and ideas with detailed instructions available on the internet to make products out of papers. You can make tea coasters, holders, paper stand, baskets and so much more out of them.

Use them as liners

Nobody is going to look into your cupboard or drawer as to what fancy lining you have used in it. A simple old paper or magazine can serve as a liner for you. Use them extensively on shelves of the cupboard and drawers. Also, it is easy to clean when you use old papers. Expensive liners also go through the same wear and tear as a regular newspaper. The only difference is that you are spending money on them.

By reusing old newspaper for various purposes you are actually saving trees and doing your bit for environment. So think about it. 

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