Do not throw your scrap car in the junk yard

Every year on an average, individual disposes various items including old automobiles. The biggest challenge for any of us is to dispose larger items like scrap Cars for example. Once a Car is more than 20 years old, we do not know

what to do with it. The best and most convenient option for most of us is to go to the local junk yard and leave it there. How many of us know that old ScrapCars can be recycled as well?

You can dispose your Scrap Car in a responsible way other than leaving it to rot further in a junk yard. This article speaks about how you can dispose your old scrapcar like vehicles in an environment friendly way.

Donate your Scrap Car

Several organizations that are involved in dealing with the poor and unfortunate people take such donations. One of the best things about donating a Scrap Car is that the process is very simple, fast, and free.  There is no need to do any repairs, no advertising costs – everything gets handled for you.  Your Scrap Car can actually be very useful to them. These organizations will collect these scrap cars and donate it to a poor student or a family who can use it for their transportation needs. If your ScrapCar is in a running condition then it is perhaps the best thing to do.

If you do not have the time and patience to find such organizations then try and visit your local scrap car dealer. They will know exactly what to do with your scrap Car. Most Scrap car dealers are kind enough to donate those Scrap Cars that can be used. If you plan to sell your ScrapCar, you may never find a scrap car buyer. Reasons being nobody who has the money would like to buy a beat up ScrapCar and people who do not have the money anyway cannot afford it. By doing this, you will also be helping your community with the noble charity.

ScrapCars that are not reusable

Some scrap Cars outlive their usage. Such ScrapCars my not even be qualified for road worthiness. Instead of keeping it in a garage or at a car junk yard, sell it to your local scrap car dealer. However, a word of advice is that do not expect too much for the Scrap Car.  

The dealer will rip the metal from the scrap Car and other usable items and pay you for it. You may get a decent amount of money for the scrapcar. The metal from the Scrap Car will sell on the basis of the weight. Other smaller scrapcar items will be segregated and priced differently. There are several metal items in the Scrap Car that a scrap car dealer will find useful. These metals will typically be recycled.

Process of disposing scrap Car

When you dispose an old Car, the scrap car dealer will give you a document called ELV. This means End of life vehicles and this certifies that you have willingly accepted to dispose your Scrap Car with the dealer. This is a valid document to have because you have proof of your scrapcar disposal. Other than this, there are no other complicated procedures involved. It is a simple and straightforward process.

Disposing junk vehicles is not a challenging task anymore especially in countries, like Malaysia. You just need to have the right information at your fingertips to do the right thing. 


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